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Swiss Gramophones
Origin: Switzerland Ste-Croix
We do not know much about this double horn, one might think that we are in the presence of the ancestor of the stereo. Perhaps the idea was it you nascent, man has two ears, so let 2 flats, 2 stops but only one needle for the 78s which was never stereo. That said, the two pavilions allow playing music more widely in space. Here is what F. Jeannin in his book - History of the phonograph, the gramophone to digital: Esperanto does not bring us any indication of the sponsor of the gramophone, it is sold under a different name in Italy and also in Germany. On the sides of the diaphragm, we patents from 1905 to 1906, nine countries. France has the No. 348 705 S.G.D.G. There are Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, England, Canada and the USA The diaphragm has two mica plates connected to the same needle holders, the system works to counter phase, it gives a space but especially not stereophonic sound. There was never any 78s in stereo engraving. Floral flags are manufactured by foreign specialists where all Holy Cross manufacturers are sourcing. So the manufacturer of this talking machine is the Jaccard manufacture ............ Patents are mentioned on the drive head (see photo). We now know that this system was patented in 1904 by Laurent Gardy in Ste-Croix and Perpignan and presented for the first time in Lausanne July 23, 1909. other private collection
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