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fabrication P. Cottet
Year: 2005/2006
Origin: Switzerland Genève
AND BEFORE THE PHONOGRAPH ? There was the mechanical music and quite particuraly the music box. You find in my links some sites dealing with this subject. I present you a Ariston, with its cardboard disc drilled. This one is a copy of the original model. Mr Cottet has completely recreate it and, besides, he made a machine allowing to copy the cardboard. Photos speak about themselves. 10 copies are and will be constructed and are to be sold. The catalog dics includes more of 800 titles. The complete catalogue is available in the form of PDF file. Price of a disc EUR 18.-- + shipping charges, order minimal of 5 dics. I send you gladly the catalog. Interested ? Contact me for any question which I shall pass on to Mr Cottet
Original photos: 318 Ko

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